“Join the Wi-Fi Revolution!  Get on.  Stay on. Go Fast.”

Technology is changing at the speed of light, and the iPad and other tablet devices have created an insatiable guest appetite for more and more bandwidth. Business applications, on-demand movies, video games, music, and more require sophisticated, smart, Wi-Fi systems.  Without them, you simply will not be able to deliver the quality interactive services your guests have come to expect and demand.

Whether it’s offering a managed Wi-Fi Network or selling you patented, award-winning Wi-Fi equipment to operate your own state-of-the-art network, ATM Systems has a solution for you at the lowest prices in the industry.  We have worked with hotels, schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, conference centers, and many more. Call us today to discuss the best solution for your needs.  Click here to see the Smart Wireless LAN products.

ATM Systems, now serving more than 10,000 rooms in Mexico and the US with its sister company, Gemm (www.gemm.tv), is proud to announce that we are a Ruckus Wireless “Big Dog” Partner (www.ruckuswireless.com) .  All wireless equipment is IBM and AT&T certified.  Our Partnership is powerful, and will bring the following Wi-Fi benefits to you:

  • ZERO Capital investment.
  • FREE Site Survey.
  • Ubiquitous Coverage with sophisticated mesh routing.
  • 2-4 Times Better Range than conventional Access Points.  Patented Wi-Fi technology.
  • Less Interference. Smart Mesh Networking picks the best signal path.
  • 35-40% fewer Access Points for a simple and aesthetically-pleasing installation.
  • A single Guest experience for Wired and Wireless.
  • 24/7 Guest Support and VPN Management.

Wi-Fi Marketing Materials:

For more detailed information on our Ruckus Wi-Fi products and services, please select the links below.

Hospitality Wi-Fi (PDF)
Smarter Wi-Fi for Hospitality (PPS) 

We’re feeling the love from a marquee list of world renowned customers:

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