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ZoneFlex – Simple-to-Use, Industrial-Strength WLANs

Best Wi-Fi on the planet

  • WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection
  • WLAN-wide interference avoidance
  • WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination

Effortless everything

  • Pluggable, meshable, easy to install/expand
  • Wizard-based configuration
  • Automatic client administration
  • Advanced security simplified

Unmatched price/value

  • Unprecedented CAPEX savings
  • Lowest OPEX
  • Breakthrough feature/functionality

“Triple-Play” over Wi-Fi

  • Date/Voice/Video over Wi-Fi

Smart Wireless LAN Products

ZoneFlex Smart APs

Ruckus WLAN systems brings power and simplicity together for large-scale indoor/outdoor performance at a low cost.

Seamless interoperability   •   Advanced Wi-Fi security   •   Massive scalability
Best-in-class performance   •   Robust WLAN management

What’s more, Ruckus WLAN solutions combine one of the best centrally managed WLANs with jaw-dropping advances in intelligent RF routing and Smart Wi-Fi meshing. The result? One of the best WLAN products and technology that money can buy!

Power Meets Simplicity – Smart Wireless LAN Controller

IT staff love cool networking features but not if it requires two-years of tedious training and massive manuals.

Our Ruckus Smart/OS software and applications is just that: smart. It delivers a bunch of wireless LAN features not found in any other centrally-managed system. And we don’t nickel and dime you for them. Capabilities like:

  • Adaptive wireless meshing
  • Sophisticated user access controls
  • Automatic traffic redirection
  • Integrated Wi-Fi client performance tools
  • Elegant and simple guest networking functions
  • Rogue AP detection and advanced Wi-Fi security features
  • Flexible WLAN groups
  • Extensive authentication support
  • Robust network management

And it gets better.

Ruckus Smart/OS is widely-considered the most simple and straight forward centralized WLAN software system there is. Ruckus Smart/OS runs on all our ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers and uses a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration of the entire WLAN a breeze.

The First-of-Its-Kind Remote Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi Service Management Platform.

Now, Ruckus Wi-Fi systems can be securely controlled, monitored, and upgraded from anywhere in the world, over the Internet or a private IP network — with FlexMaster. It’s a complete management platform for building and managing Enterprise and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Service Infrastructures.


Contact ATM Systems today for pricing and to discuss the right

wireless product for your property! 

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