In August 1996, ATM Systems pioneered the idea of customizing ATM solutions to fit hotel environments. Regardless of the application (i.e., stand-alone, recessed, thru-the-wall, etc.), we can satisfy your specific needs, and with a variety of styles and colors. If you would like to promote any special events, restaurants or other hotel amenities on the ATM screen, we will design these promotions for you…at no charge. Take a moment to view a few examples of our Custom ATM Screens. ATM customization has always been at the core of the services we offer, and remains a critical value-add component of our portfolio of ATM solutions.

Cabinetry includes both traditional and contemporary models, with a variety of finishes. Recessed ATMs will include wood trim that matches the cabinet in style and color.  And, through-the-wall facia can be airbrushed with colors of your choosing.

Turnkey Placement

Turnkey Placement is a FREE solution. It includes a new, state-of-the-art ATM, custom designed cabinetry to match the specific hotel décor, cash, armored services, maintenance, and customized screen graphics to promote hotel amenities and services. The revenue share (for each transaction) paid to the hotel is dependent upon the number of rooms, hotel market, and other amenities, such as restaurants, square feet of meeting space, etc. Though there are always exceptions, in most cases, this solution is reserved for hotels with 200 rooms or more.

Partnered Placement

… also FREE.  It is best suited for hotels with less than 200 rooms, or any other business wanting to provide easy access to cash. This solution………..(1) it provides more control to our ATM partner, and (2) offers a greater opportunity to maximize revenue-generating potential.

ATMS provides the ATM, and ALL the same services that are included in the Turnkey Placement, EXCEPT the cash. The hotel supplies and manages the loading of funds into the ATM. Within 24-hours of being dispensed from the ATM, the hotel’s cash is returned via ACH to a business bank account of their choice.

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